Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cold War Kids!


Every now and then I get on band 'kicks' where I just can't stop listening to one band. My most recent attachment is 'Cold War Kids'. If you like alternative music, Indie Rock, or just some good tunes to listen to then you should definitely check these guys out. They add a new taste to the alternative theme.

Cold War Kids are an American Indie Rock band from Long Beach, California. Band members are Nathan Willett, Jonnie Russell, Matt Maust, and Matt Aveiro. They started in 2004 in downtown Fullerton in Jonnie Russell's apartment above a restaurant called Mulberry Street. The band relocated to Whittier, California and began recording their first demos, which Monarchy Music released as the Mulberry Street EP in spring 2005. Between tours, the band released two more EPs:With Our Wallets Full, Up In Rags, in 2006. In summer 2006, Cold War Kids signed toDowntown Records and released their debut LP Robbers and Cowards that fall.

Check them out! Give them support and long live music!

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